Engineering Mechanics-Statics (CE 214) - North Carolina State University

Course Topics: General Principles of mechanics. Force Vectors. Equilibrium of a Particle. Force System Resultants. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body. Structural Analysis. Internal Forces . Friction. Center of Gravity and Centroid. Moments of Inertia. 

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Structural Analysis II (CE 525) - North Carolina State University

Course Topics: Matrix analysis of uniaxial structures, trusses, beams, frames and grids. Different types of loading. Nonlinear analysis. 

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Infrastructure Materials Science (CE 305) - University of New Mexico

Course Topics: Fundamentals of engineering materials. Material variability, sampling and error analysis. Behavior of materials under stress. Steel microstructure, and phase diagram.  Mechanical properties of steel, principles of corrosion. Properties of aggregate, concrete admixtures, Portland cement, concrete, and high performance concrete. Concrete mix design. 
Laboratory: Measurement devices. Tension test of mild steel. Charpy V-Notch impact test, steel hardness testing using Rockwell and Vickers indenters. Fiber composite tension test. Compression and bending tests of wood. Aggregate gradation, unit weight and voids. Concrete batching and plastic concrete test (Slump, yield, air content), plain cement concrete (PCC) sample preparation. Concrete cylinder capping, 7 day compressive strength and Non-destructive testing of concrete. Cement mortar, setting time, blaine fineness. Asphalt Lab. 28 day PCC testing: compressive strength, Young’s modulus & Poisson’s ratio of PCC, flexural strength, splitting tension and pulse velocity. 

Lecture on the content. 
specific lab techniques.
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Evaluate their lab reports.
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Theory of Structures 1 (CE 161) - Alexandria University

Course Topics:  Types of structures and supports. Types of loads. Conditions of static stability. Calculations of reactions. Definition of internal forces (normal forces, shear forces, bending moments and twisting moments). Internal forces in the horizontal beams (cantilevers, simple beams, overhanging beams, compound beams). Differential relations between loads and internal forces. Internal forces in inclined beams. Internal forces in simple, hinged, compound, and arched frames. Analytical and graphical methods for finding the internal forces in simple ,compound ,and subdivided trusses and trussed beams.

Theory of Structures 2 (CE 163) - Alexandria University

Course Topics: Influence lines for statically determinate structures. Properties of plane areas:  Principal axes and principal moments of inertia, Mohr’s circle. Distribution of normal stresses:  Normal stresses due to single and double bending in symmetric and non-symmetrical sections, eccentric normal forces, core theory. Distribution of shear stresses:  Direct shear, shear in bending, line sections, shear flow, shear center, non-symmetrical sections. Torsion:- applications on power transmission shafts. Plane stresses and strains: Principal stresses and similarity between stresses and strains, strain rosette. Deflection of beams: Method of double integration, method of elastic loads, deflection of beams with variable cross sections. Buckling of compression members (columns): Critical loads for columns under centric loads, compression members under eccentric loads and lateral loads.

Theory of Structures 3 (CE 264) - Alexandria University

Course Topics: Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the method of superposition: Beams with variable cross sections and beams on elastic supports . Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the method of three moment equation. Maximum diagrams of shear forces, bending moments for statically indeterminate beams . Elastic strain energy . Theory of virtual work: Calculation of deformations in statically determinate structures due to loads and temperature changes. Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the method of virtual work: Beams, frames, arches and trussed beams . Effect of yielding of supports and temperature changes.

Theory of Structures 4 (CE 265) - Alexandria University

Course Topics: Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the method of moment distribution: Stiffness coefficients, distribution and carry over factors, fixed end moments ,structures without lateral sway, method of successive carry over, structures with lateral sway, elastic supports, yielding of supports and temperature changes . Influence lines for statically indeterminate structures using the different methods of analysis . Introduction to stiffness method for structural analysis .

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